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Reagan Time 1980 GOP Wristwatch

Reagan Time 1980 GOP Wristwatch

There’s a million Spiro Agnew and Nixon’s “I’m no crook” watches out there. I’ve seen one in almost every thrift store and they can always be found on eBay. When I last checked, there were a total of 9 Spiro Agnew watches of 5 different types. Other past presidents, thus far, don’t have the same showing when it comes to political apparel. That’s why I snagged this watch on eBay a few years ago. This is a perfect example of 80’s style digital watches. Chunky, square metal case, a clean, blocky face and a mesh band. This watch couldn’t have been worn to be in such good condition. The mesh band hasn’t bent or stretched, the case is unmarred and the LCD hasn’t bled. Not bad after 28 years. Too bad I can’t say that about the GOP. Clinton’s growing nose or backwards time might be easier to find in 8 years. I’m talking about the watches- what did you think I was talking about?

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