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Nelsonic Dukes of Hazzard

DSC02237Things you should never do: keep a dying battery in your digital watch. I can’t help it with this one. Of course this classic Nelsonic has an alarm and it plays Dixie.  It has a metal case and band with a rather large digital face. It was made while the TV show was popular and before Tom Wopat began his singing career. The orange plastic display case is shaped like Uncle Jesse’s van, and the confederate flag is on the box, the watch and all over Tennessee. So what does this have to do with a dying battery? When Dixie plays with low power, it’s an eerie, slightly off rendition of the real thing. Kinda like that Vance and Coy season. I can’t help it- I have to play it over and over again until it gives up the ghost.  These are still plentiful on eBay in plastic and metal band versions.

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