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Lorus Digital 1980s Watch

DSC03766If you took your Jellies shoes and crossed them with the movie Tron, you would end up with this watch.  Someone opened up the 1980’s time capsule and this thing escaped!  I don’t know what to look at first- the gummy bracelet band or the futuristic circuit board face.  Don’t be surprised but somebody thought about this watch. Lorus, the low-end brand of Seiko put this together.  Allow me to point out the subtle, if not overlooked, differences between this and other watches of the same time. First, let me tell you about the case. You won’t need your pocket knife to change the battery on this guy- you’re going to need that tiny eye glass repair kit screwdriver. Why? Because it has 4 screws to hold the back on- not your typical, lower cost push-on back. Next, let’s talk about button placement. Everyone else had buttons on the right side- one for displaying the date and one for setting the time.  Lorus said no! We will be better and put on big, colored button right on the face! Lefties and righties unite. Lastly, it’s really thin! It’s no Delirium but damn does it try. When I opened up the case, part of the movement was attached to the case back. Well Lorus, the apple doesn’t fall far from the Seiko tree does it?

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