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Fossil Sundial Watch

DSC03733 You saw it first on Fred’s wrist in an episode or two of the Flintstones. You knew you had to have it but no one made one back then. So you tried to make a sundial wristwatch yourself, didn’t you? First with paper, then with things found in the garage. Then you gave up and settled for the plastic toy version they sold at Children’s Palace. A consolation prize at best. This wasn’t the first time a cartoon made you think the uninvented was already invented, right hovercraft-owners? So then you go on a mission to find or relentlessly search for years for your go-go-Gadget Skates until they come out with Wheelies. Imagine my glee when Fossil made it happen  in 1993- a real, usable sundial wristwatch for $16. And what better brand than Fossil? It’s got a leather strap, and the sundial is made to look like stone.  So cool. What’s next, chronophiles? Who’s making my watch with a millennium hand?



If you didn’t get one in 1993, Fossil just came out with another Sundial Watch this year.

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