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Ernest Borel Kaleidoscope Cocktail Watch

DSC02993I’m not allowed to buy a new watch until I finish a project at work. Good thing the project that begot this watch was really, really late- it took that long to find the perfect Borel. I knew I wanted the Borel but I didn’t know if I should get the leather or metal bracelet…or white or black? I’m glad I got the black and boy did I find the perfect one! Mint in box with the $36.00 tag from 1960! I love the lugs and the exhibition back which shows a beautiful manual wind movement. The mystery dial, common at the time, provides the kaleidoscope effect. The gold embossing on the leather band is still in perfect condition, even though I’ve worn it a few time. How could I not? There are always Borel kaleidoscopes on eBay in mens and ladies styles. They can go upwards of $300 and the white dial and band is more rare. ¬†Other kaleidoscope-style watches came out in the 80’s and also in the 90’s. What’s the equivalent today? How about the Perrelet Turbine. Now that’s earnest design.

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2 Responses to “Ernest Borel Kaleidoscope Cocktail Watch”

  1. Mike says:

    According to the inflation calculator on, that watch would be $257.42 in 2009 dollars. Yow!

  2. Mary says:

    I want it! Ready to sell? Looking for one…

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