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Chatterbox Novelty Recording Wristwatch

Chatterbox WristwatchHow cool would you have been in 1990 sporting this Sasquatch of a watch on your arm? It looks more like a portable radio than a voice recorder. Check out the size of the 2 batteries it needs! Way back in 1990, apparently before we had computers or fashion sense, tape recorders where the size of a shoebox. So wearing this must’ve been the way to impress your friends or get someone’s phone number. As you can see, it was shown on Entertainment Tonight and various other TV shows. I’m not saying it was the iPod of the time, but it did get some air time. Enough knocking it, though- If I had seen this in 1990, I would’ve bought it. Personal voice memo devices (digital) were popular back then and of course, people were no longer buying tape recorders. This probably was a neat item to have especially since you can mess with the playback speed. I bought it on eBay for I’m sure way less then it was sold for in 1990. There are other voice memo wristwatches out there ranging from adult, name brand types to plastic, children’s types. None have voice changing capability and none are as…large.

Purely for voice recording, try this one.

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