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Bulova Accutron Spaceview

He who hesitates is lost.  That was me before I found my way into ownership of a vintage Spaceview.  It took way too long for me to see the light…or hear the hum, rather.  Of course I knew the Spaceview existed- I’m an EE for shit’s sake! But I hesitated.  I thought it would be too large to actually wear on my wrist.  Manly.  Chunky.  Totally unfeminine.  I bought it anyway and took a chance.  Why did it take so long?  I had to sell my car first.  No, the watch isn’t that expensive.  Neither was my car.  But I loved the car and when it came time to sell it, it had to be commemorated in a special way.  The Buick Reatta was another, one of a kind electrical engineering victory.  It only seemed fitting to finally get the Spaceview.  The tuning fork mechanism was developed in the 1960s and the Spaceview model was really just a sales aid to show potential watch customers this new mechanism that hummed instead of ticked.  They didn’t expect people would want to buy the see-through watch model and Bulova ended up selling a ton of these in the 60s and 70s.  Now a classic with a big following, the Spaceview is a sound investment.  There are a few, but dedicated persons who will completely service, restore, revamp this particular watch.  You can get one in excellent condition for under $500 right now, and you can pretty much pick and choose which style Spaceview you want.  I opted for the bow-tie model in stainless.  The best part is the tuning fork with the big,bulky magnets at the top. The mechanism hums at 360 Hz as it smoothly sweeps the second hand around the dial.  I would love to see the difference between the Spaceview’s sweep hand and that of the Seiko Ananta‘s spring drive. It’d either be like dueling banjos or John Henry.  I’m betting on the guy with the hammer.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Bulova announced a 1000 piece re-introduction of the Spaceview at BaselWorld last month.

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