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Armitron Digital Sun and Moon

Armitron Digital Sun and MoonWhy do they not make watches like this anymore? Digital animation has got to be my favorite type of novelty watch. I’m not talking about the pixelated, matrix-style watches of today that have 100×100 resolution (see C-watch or DJ Rapper Game Watch). I’m talking about the LCD display like this Digital Sun and Moon Armitron. The LCD’s were different 2 decades ago and although they were small, they made for a better image quality. This watch shows a sun with eyes that rock back and forth with the seconds. Once you hit 6 PM, the sun changes to a moon until 6 AM. I bought this at a Woolworth’s store for $8 in about 1985. I remember they had other types of animation, but I settled on this one. It’s all plastic with a plastic textured band. My very first watch, a musical Armitron model, had an animated roller coaster moving to the seconds. I lost that watch in 3rd grade and I’m still searching for a replacement. 

You won’t find a modern watch like this, but you can go for a Tokyo Flash or an LED-based Odin’s Rate.

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