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Airplane Bubble Watch 1980s

airplane bubble wind up 1980sLet’s celebrate the color and quality of the 1980’s with this troika of airplane watches. First, let’s begin in 1980 during a trip to Kmart. I saw the yellow watch in the case for $4. Dad wouldn’t buy it because the battery was dead. I never forgot about it and always wished I had it in my  collection. I hadn’t seen anything like it since.  Next, its 1999 and eBay is alive with a grand total of about 300 watches posted. Yellow shows up one day and we’ve been together since! Little did I know, this was a manual wind watch- not a battery!  I remembered back to Kmart and the other colors available.  In 2008 I found Red and in 2009 I found White. What makes these guys cool is the silver, shiney airplane that circles the bubble crystal every minute. The face on each is a map of different state or country. Yellow is USA, Red is Europe and White is California. The band is a painted metal bracelet style, and the manufacturer is Out of Time. The case back is engraved with the following, “Hand Wind Every Day & Forever & Ever & Ever.” Don’t mind if I do!

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3 Responses to “Airplane Bubble Watch 1980s”

  1. EEF says:

    any idea how much they’re worth? I recently found one with the Europe map, but it’s not red – it’s plain steel around the face, and the band (which I think is a replacement) is brown leather.

  2. adminChrono says:

    They’re not worth much right now, unfortunately. I bought the last one on eBay for $10. What it does have going for it-it’s mechanical and has an unusual shaped crystal. I’d hold onto it. Because it’s mechanical, in 50 years it will likely still run with a little TLC. Who knows if quartz watch batteries will still be available or even in the same format in 50 years. If you can, send me a pic- I’d love to see it.

  3. doug says:

    I just found a black watch nas the crown stuck one on it. It runs and keeps time and my plane is going..the watch face has pickture of a plane and has Tale in red letters. Would send a Photo. But cant send attachement.

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