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We’re ready for the next Revolution: Thank you Nicolas Hayek

The world is filled with people who have great ideas. Since I’m in R&D, I hear more of them than the average person. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that the ideas that actually go somewhere have little to do with the idea itself. It’s all about the man behind the curtain bringing the idea to life. C’mon. Do you really think the Slap Chop is a novel idea?! Why is that in every K-Mart but no one has seen your fuel cell-powered watch? This is not a post to remember or mourn Mr. Hayek. We all know what he did and how he changed the desire and affordability of wristwatches for the lot of us. Let’s use his story as an example and then make him proud. My earliest Swatch is the Carlton Pinstripe. Take out your first Swatch. Remember the day you bought it and the anticipation leading up to it. Put it on your wrist. (It’s okay, no one believes it’s still mint.)  Next, think of a few Swatch ideas that struck you in the slice of time between then and now. For me this would be Swatch Musical, Swatch Internet Time and the Swatch Snowpass. Our job is to figure out what’s next in this sequence.  Not for Swatch- for the whole wristwatch industry. So do it! Be logical. Be creative. Be absurd. Be  a 17-year-old taking the SAT. I’m not talking about a jump from tourbillon to gyrotourbillon. I’m taking about a giant leap like mechanical to digital. I know you’ve already thought of something so make it happen. Fake some bravery and post a comment with your idea.

My favorite Swatch book. It’s old but still good. Swatch: A Guide for Connoisseurs and Collectors

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