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Lie Detector Watch

DSC03850 This watch was really expensive.

This is my favorite watch.

I never wear a watch.  

These are all lies.  You would know that if you had the Spy Truth Detector Watch by Wild Planet. This watch has a motley collection of functions. First, it has a light for viewing in the dark. Not your up-to-date back lit LCD, but an old-style bulb on the side that only lights up about half the display. Think Clockwork Orange. Next, it has a timezone indicator as part of the main display, with a D for DST. It wouldn’t be complete without an alarm or 24 hr time display. The feature functions include a Secret Decoder mode for storing up to three alphanumeric codes, and the Lie Detect mode.  In Lie Detect mode, your subject places two fingers on the two metal bars at the top. Resistivity sensing (that’s a guess) determines whether your subject is lying or not by displaying a bar graph representing True or False.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could use this any time you bought a watch online?  Then you might have a Breitling instead of that Bratling.

You can find this watch in toy stores or Amazon.


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