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I hate white watches.

They’re just not for me.  I think they can be quite beautiful or striking, but not on my wrist. I keep buying them, though. I love my white Fossil Stella. I’ve always had my eye on a white Cartier tank. And for some reason, I find one of the most visually intriguing to be the Nixon Motif. I can’t keep it free of fingerprints – it’s got the biggest crystal i’ve ever seen and I have to touch it. I love they way they put a hint of texture into the large white monolith with few fine lines. It reminds me of that book I read when I was little called Superfudge.  In the book, a painter’s wife got mad and knocked red paint over his painting in progress. He salvaged it and called the piece Anita’s Anger. In my head, this watch is what that painting looked like, minus the red.

They come in other colors and are available from Amazon.

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