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Ohm’s Law Novelty Wristwatch

Ohm's Law Novelty WristwatchSurprise! I’m a geek. The TechNoteTime Ohm’s Law wristwatch is actually useful to me. Need to calculate power, current, voltage or resistance? This watch will remind you how. And in case you forgot the color coding for resistors, its got you covered. The Ohm’s Law wristwatch has cleverly placed colored bands at the numbers corresponding to resistor color codes. For example, the 1K ohm resistor would have a brown-black-red mark. Reading from the watch would make 1-0-2 which equals 1000 or 1K ohm. Genious. If only I had this in my first year of college, I could’ve spent more time on that electronic cat pee detector that I was making. I so wish I were kidding. Geek.

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