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Clockbox Chromo Wristwatch Kit

Clockbox Chromo KitIf you’re a real Chronophile, you’ve already taken apart an old wind-up and likely lost a few Incabloc springs. I’m no different, but before I’d even done that, I came across Clockbox. For someone who grew up with a love for kits, (electronics kit, woodburning kit) this is the one I dreamed about. The kit came in this excellent packaging, showing you everything you need to put the watch together. There were several different designs to pick from but Cromo was the best. You can see from the pic that there’s not too much to it. It takes 11 steps to put it together with the detailed instructions. In fact, this would be an excellent gift for a junior horologist. I’ve never put this Cromo together, but I did buy another one for a friend and got to see how it came together. Now that you’re in love, I’ll have to give you the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that I don’t believe this kit is available anymore. The good news…they’ve made the kit into a promotional/marketing product. You can put your own logo on it and package it with your own promotional CD/DVD media! I love this idea because I work with a bunch of engineers. See where I’m going with this? 

Junior Chronophiles can start with this kit

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