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Circuit Board Wristwatch

It’s hard to pick what to write about on Christmas and writing about a Christmas watch seems a little too expected. So I decided on this one. It was 10 years ago today I received this watch. This one is special because it was the first watch my SO gave to me, before we were even affianced. It’s significant to me as it combines my inner geek with my passion. This circuit board wristwatch was available from Uncommon Goods who always had a smattering a geeky-cool things for people like us. During college I worked at an engineering firm assembling circuit boards. I can still smell the soldering paste and etching acid if I try hard enough. I loved that job. He knew that and he knew me. He picked out this watch, which was the first of many watches to come. The circuit board watch comes in a metal tin with a recycled circuit board blank decorating the top. The face of the watch is also a piece from an unused, unpopulated circuit board. The case is stainless and the band is mesh stainless as well. What makes this watch even more geeky? The circuit board is the battery portion of some electronic gadget. So 10 years ago, this is what I opened on Christmas day. Wait until you see what he got me this year. 

I can’t find this one anymore, but Fossil has a good alternative that actual uses a circuit board to create a circuit board that’s a digital circuit board.

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