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357 Magnum Revolver Wristwatch

357 Magnum Revolver WristwatchYou’d better be on the right side of this watch. Nothing like staring down the chamber of a 357 wheel gun. How unique that someone found a way to make this into a watch. A non-descript, Japan quartz movement is nestled inside the middle of a chamber on a revolver. Fake bullet facades are inset into the chamber around the face of the watch, and a hinged chamber “door” is attached to the front. The hinged part rocks open and closed just like a revolver. The pleather strap holds six plastic 357 rounds for decoration. I thought it was cool so I bought it on eBay years ago. It’s a heavy watch that I am pretty sure uses actual parts from a revolver. If I wore it, I would annoy the $#&! out of everyone by constantly flipping the chamber door open and closed. That sound is pretty realistic and unforgettable. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t wear this one. 

If your dead set on a revolver watch, improve on this a bit and go for the Nixon Revolver in gun metal or Andy Warhol.

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2 Responses to “357 Magnum Revolver Wristwatch”

  1. Sean Kessler says:

    Does anyone know where to purchase this bullet watch. Brown leather and gold bullets with brass/coppper flip open face.

    Python 357 Mag Bullet Watch.

  2. I have a watch like that one with a Japanese quartz. . Mine is all metal with what appear to b 22 size. The face has brass bullet heads over a target background.

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