Max Headroom Pop-up Wristwatch


Remember this guy? Max Headroom was a character created in the mid-80’s and was a futuristic, computer-generated character. He had a movie, a television show spinoff, was in a music video and was also a spokespersonality for New Coke! This wristwatch is from his television show which aired for a few years in the US. I love it because it’s a pop-up style and has a hologram face of Max. It made the “novelty” category for these two reasons but really it’s a character watch. I have two Max watches- the other one is a swatch-style plastic watch that I believe was a promotional item which came inside a case of Coke. This one I found on eBay. It’s just so 80’s with the harsh background and simple design. It doesn’t even have real buttons to change the time or check the date- just metal tabs inside a cutout that required a pin to touch. Classic.

Eastman Drum Major Novelty Character Wristwatch


A whole new kind of collectable watch is one with animation. Mechanical animation. Check out this Eastman manual wind up watch. A common type of mechanical animation seems to be the eyes of a character displayed on the face of the watch. That’s what happens with this watch when you wind it up. With the beating of the seconds, the character’s eyes move up and down. The cool thing about this Eastman is that the character appears to be a drum major! I have never seen any other watch that commemorated the fine sport. I wonder if this is the only one that is or was ever available? I bought it on eBay about 5 years ago solely because it was a drum major. It’s in perfect condition with a thin leather strap that is very small so it must be a children’s watch. I’ve been known to wear this one on special occasions. When needing to pass time, there is something to be said about becoming mesmerized as the mechanical ticks steal your seconds away.

Tommy Timbertoes Highlights for Children Watch


I got this from my friend Melinda. She worked at HIghlights and won this in a contest. Tommy’s hands mark the hour and minutes and his dog rotates around on the seconds disc. The band is green canvas weave with leather and the watch is quartz. I don’t really know how old this is but I would guess mid to late 1990s. It’s in perfect condition. There are a few on eBay every so often for about $40. If your looking for something like this, try a Paul Frank instead. Equally colorful but admitedly, not as nostalgic.