The Hamilton Ventura


The Hamilton Ventura, the first electric watch in the world, is a bold watch with distinctive styling. My husband actually adjusts his wardrobe around the watch! He'll say, "I feel like wearing the Ventura today, so what should I wear to compliment it?"

It is experiencing a revival thanks to its brief close-up in the movie Men In Black, and is available in a wide variety of men's and ladies styles. Prices range from just under $450 to over $1200, depending upon configuration.

A true American Classic that will never go out of style!

The ladies size is quite small and loses some of it’s artistic styling. If you can, go for the larger size.

The Breil Wonder


Large and and charge, I picked up my Breil Wonder at the Breil retail store in Milan, Italy. I had never heard of Breil before, and was a little wary at first, but I've come to love this watch and the offerings by this company. Their design is bold and mixes Euro-modern with slight hints of art deco.

They're hard to find in the US, but fortunately some models are available online through Amazon. Amazon also carries Breil's wickedy-cool jewelry as well. This model, for instance, can be had for just under $250. Breil has opened a few stores in the US. Check out their website.