Land O' Lakes Sweet Cream Butter 75th Anniversary Watch


Back before the days of Google and eBay, I would spend hours thinking of products, going to their website and checking for paraphenelia. This was the only way I knew to find advertising and promotional wristwatches. Once in a while, I would get lucky. This is one of the first watches I found by scouring product manufacturer’s websites. This is the 75th Anniversary of Land O’ Lakes commemorative wristwatch. It was available with a black or brown leather strap directly from the website. I think I paid $50 or more for this, which was a little steep in 1996. They used the original advertising artwork of the Indian maiden on the face of the watch and on the cardboard box. It also came with a booklet describing the brand and the original advertisement. I was impressed by the quality of the watch and the detail in the booklet. This watch stands out from other advertising watches of the same timeframe because it was not a cheap, plastic Swatch knock-off with a logo stamped on the dial. I’m sorry, Tony’s Pizza know it’s true.

Tommy Timbertoes Highlights for Children Watch


I got this from my friend Melinda. She worked at HIghlights and won this in a contest. Tommy’s hands mark the hour and minutes and his dog rotates around on the seconds disc. The band is green canvas weave with leather and the watch is quartz. I don’t really know how old this is but I would guess mid to late 1990s. It’s in perfect condition. There are a few on eBay every so often for about $40. If your looking for something like this, try a Paul Frank instead. Equally colorful but admitedly, not as nostalgic.

Relic Cheez-it Advertising Watch


A Rolex is still a Rolex even when you add the word McDonald’s or Maytag on the face. But you have to admit you feel like you’re staring at a church or something sacred that someone graffitied. Okay. Not only is this not a Rolex, it’s not even a Lorus. It is, however, a watch manufacturer you’ve heard of before. I found this on eBay and had to have it. Or rescue it. I can’t say I’ve seen any other Cheez-it watch out there. I have a special fascination for advertising watches that are from a name brand watch manufacturer. That’s probably why I bought it. Cheap, little Cheez-its found their way to the big time.

Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary


I remember the early days of eBay when they didn’t have much stuff up yet. At the most there were 200 wristwatches total. Perfect for control freaks like myself who could keep track of everything new that was posted each day. That’s when I found this Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary watch. I haven’t seen one since. What this picture doesn’t show are the three LED lights that blink when you push the button! Red, green and amber tail lights and brake lights flicker on and off in sequence. It came in a wooden box which had a hand-written number on the inside, and Mini Cooper Limited Edition stamped onto the leather band. You’re not completely unlucky if you don’t have one of these. Mini has a few other novelty pieces out there worth checking out like the Sport Chrono or the Carbon Fiber Chrono. Definitely the Carbon Fiber Chrono.

Tony's Pizza Mail Order Premium


I had to eat 12 Tony’s pizzas to get this watch. Tony’s is a frozen pizza product which allows you to save Tony’s Points from the package, send them in and then get free stuff. Tony’s still offers mail order premiums but they don’t offer this watch anymore. That’s why it will always have a special place in my heart. Right next to the cholesterol. That’s Tony rotating around on the seconds disc.

Casio Bio Graph Alarm Chronograph


Fate or luck made me buy this watch about 5 years ago. I remember thinking I hit the jackpot in the novelty watch department. I bought this new and have never seen one for sale since. The only other reference I came across was in a forum where someone was desperately searching for one. My favorite thing in the world is when a digital watch has animation of some sort. Not only does this Casio plot the three states of my well being (sensitivity, physical and intellect) it does so in two-toned, memory-banking style.

Cerruti 1881 (ladies)


I’m not the type to buy a watch from a company better known for clothing and apparel. That’s why I was totally suprised at the price and the beauty of this Cerruti collection. I call this the ashtray watch because of the cool shape of the case and face. They’ve also done something interesting with the seconds hand which bears the Cerruti logo and a tiny red arrow on a large rotating disk. Check out current styles available online through Amazon that are equally intriguing.

If your name starts with C, buy this one.