Sea-Monkeys Aquarium Wristwatch


Many watches earn the title of Novelty. Some deserve it and some don’t. The Sea-Monkey Aquarium Watch earns this title with honors. Why? No one else thought it would be a good idea to make a portable aquarium for brine shrimp that you can wear on your wrist. They thought of everything. The aquarium part is removable and simply twist-locks onto the front of the digital watch. A Sea-Monkey extractor tool is provided for grabbing the little guys from their habitat and putting them into the aquarium. I got this for Christmas in 1999 and I have actually worn it with the Sea-Monkeys inside. They survived. Bravo Sea-Monkey people for thinking of us. Novelty Chronophiles salute you. You can get a Sea-Monkey wrist aquarium but it doesn’t have the watch on it anymore. It’s available from Amazon.