Radio Shack DJ Rapper Game Watch


Two things Radio Shack might have in stock when you go there- the Talking Alarm wristwatch and the DJ Rapper Game watch! Hello! And you thought all they had to offer was every TV connector you don’t need and a boatload of LED lights! This is a rarity among rarities. The yellow circular thing on the side of this watch is a record so you can scratch along to a beat. This watch has digital animation of records scratching, DJ’s spinning, and it that’s not good enough, you can play a game! The record and a light at the top of the watch flicker on and off when you scratch or play the game. I can’t really understand what it’s saying to me when the music is playing. About all I can make out is wiggidy, wiggidy, wack! Good luck finding one of these. No seriously- good luck. I wish this beauty to grace your collection!