Old Navy Calorie Counter Wristwatch


I’m sure you’ve seen exercise or weight loss contraptions that you’re pretty sure don’t work but people seem to buy them anyway? I knew the Old Navy Calorie Counter probably wasn’t going to work when I spied it in the half-price basket at the checkout. Doesn’t matter. Had to have it. Would’ve paid $15 for it. If you’re a true Chronophile, you know why we do this. Does it matter that the “pedometer” doesn’t move regularly when I walk? No. Does it matter that the battery was dead before I bought it? Nope. Does it matter that the word Calometer written across the front is either misspelled or not a word at all? You know the answer. This only makes the watch more valuable and more of a novelty. What matters is that they tried. They tried to make an inexpensive yet gadgety wristwatch. I would much rather watch the mechanical flickering of the pedometer on the front of this watch than the Tech4o Traileader count it out digitally. But that really comes down to personal preference. Just like why you chose to put the neon yellow sport grips on your NordicTrack.

Don’t put neon yellow sport grips on your NordicTrack.