Max Headroom Pop-up Wristwatch


Remember this guy? Max Headroom was a character created in the mid-80’s and was a futuristic, computer-generated character. He had a movie, a television show spinoff, was in a music video and was also a spokespersonality for New Coke! This wristwatch is from his television show which aired for a few years in the US. I love it because it’s a pop-up style and has a hologram face of Max. It made the “novelty” category for these two reasons but really it’s a character watch. I have two Max watches- the other one is a swatch-style plastic watch that I believe was a promotional item which came inside a case of Coke. This one I found on eBay. It’s just so 80’s with the harsh background and simple design. It doesn’t even have real buttons to change the time or check the date- just metal tabs inside a cutout that required a pin to touch. Classic.