Hong Kong Reunification with China 1997 Wristwatch


It’s cool when a watch tells you something more than just the time. One of my watches reads You Smell Great when I push the indiglo button. This Reunification of Hong Kong 1997 watch tells the history of Hong Kong. The watch was made before the expiration of the British 99-year lease over Hong Kong and several other territories. The lease expired June 30, 1997 and China was ready to celebrate with high-quality wristwatches. The watch comes in a tin, with a gold pin showing a skyline of Hong Kong, and a booklet explaining the history of this special event. This quartz watch by SAGA is really nice and beefy, and the styling reminds me of Kobold. It has a leather strap, stainless case and a date window at 6 o’clock. I got this from a collector this past year. Hong Kong exists under China and the “One country, two systems” policy, and as stated in the booklet, this will go on for 50 years. What the hell is going to happen in 2047? I guess we’ll find out when the Assimilation of Hong Kong wristwatch comes out in 2046.

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