Coca-Cola Advertising Wristwatch with Polar Bear Display


Don’t underestimate the power of the packaging when it comes to wristwatches. Take this Coca-Cola watch, for example. Nothing all that special about the watch itself. It has a typical logo and product image on the face, leather strap and silver case. I wouldn’t have looked at this watch twice if it weren’t for the packaging. Because there are tons of Coca-Cola wristwatches out there, by itself, this watch would not have been special enough for me to acquire. But throw in a creative display like the stuffed polar bear, and the game changes. Now it’s unique and desirable. The added plus is that the polar bear is from an advertising campaign of a known timeframe. I know when I first saw a Coke commercial with a polar bear. I can relate it to a period of my life (first few years out of college). I remember who gave it to me and knew me enough to know I would like it. Now it’s forever meaningful to me and it all started with the packaging.

Unique packaging adds value. Always.