Bud Light Wristwatch Runs on Beer


Another great example of a novelty wristwatch. This Bud Light digital watch is shaped like a can and it runs on beer! Thanks to the joys of a wet cell battery, you can actually soak this watch in beer (or any other liquid) and it will power up the digital display. I love this watch because it has two things going for it- the shape and the functionality. I would’ve bought it just for the shape, but throw in the fact that I can soak it in beer and now I’m looking for my Frat Rock CD and a 40 of Natty Light! I found this on eBay not too long ago. Wet cell battery power is a very old technology. Watches that run on water were a novelty in the mid to late 90’s. I don’t know how or where this watch was offered. It could’ve been a promotion or it could’ve been sold at a brewery or on-line store. You will have a hard time finding one now. Check eBay.