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Flik Flak Toucan Watch


What am I addicted to Flik Flak? I didn’t know about them until a few years after they came to be in 1987. I must’ve been blinded by Swatch. I didn’t own one until I picked up this Toucan at the Thrift Store in the mid-90s. It would’ve helped me had I gotten one earlier. Why? I couldn’t tell time until I was in 3rd or 4th grade! I remember being taught in 1st grade but not really getting it until years later. Flik Flak has a great way to help. They collaborated with educators to develop a unique time teaching method using two brothers, Flik and Flak. Flik is attached the the minute hand and Flak to the hour hand, making it easy and fun to learn how to tell time. Flik Flak is owned by the Swatch Group and is the world’s best-selling children’s watch. I like the metallic case, which is made with recycled aluminum BTW, and the fact that you can wash the entire watch in the washing machine. It was designed that way!  I wasn’t a germ-o-phobe as a kid, but now that my GAD has fully developed and allowed me to explore fears such as germs, I love this concept! Of course, I am waiting on the more grown-up St. Gallen Rescue, but until then, I will continue to wear and wash my Flik Flaks.  And then repeat.

You can buy a Flik Flak online or from their website.  Curious about St. Gallen, my new crush?  Check them out.

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