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Marcel Drucker Gemstones Watch

Marcel DruckerBuying a Marcel Drucker watch is like paying for someone’s ego trip and getting a free watch for your grandmother as a parting gift. Ouch. I know that was harsh. When I received the Marcel Drucker watch…Wait, lemme start again. When I was presented the Marcel Drucker watch, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking at the watch when I was astounded. I was still looking at the box, er…presentation case. Inside the large, hinged case is an emblem of the US Patent Seal and the words, Holder of United States Patent for Watch Design. Really? I had to look it up. Guess what? Hedid get a patent on watch design in 1999 but no, this watch was not the patented design. In fact, this watch is nowhere near a representation of the other watches he developed and still markets. He has talking alarm wristwatches, braille wristwatches, radio wristwatches and chronographs. Perhaps I was too harsh at first. I read up on the guy and found a great example of someone living the American dream. He emigrated from Europe in the 1950’s and worked his way into making his own line of fashion watches. There’s a 40 page catalog/biography on his website describing his ethos, accomplishments and the fact that he is the Holder of United States Patent for Watch Design. It doesn’t hurt that Marcel has been commissioned by several companies for logo watches in the order of 1 million pieces. If you are in love with this design, try Betsey Johnson or lsd.

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