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If you like Corum Bubble, you’ll love this Viking bauble. Pretend you can see how excited I was when I saw this watch on eBay…it looked like a pretty good copy of Corum’s Bubble but not a knock-off. It was branded Viking and had a viking logo on the face. The crystal was a thick bubble shape. The crown was completely round with a black rubber ring through it. And it was automatic. I bought it thinking what fools must’ve passed this up thinking it was a knock off? I just knew it had to be a re-branded Corum Bubble. What a fortune this thing would be worth if I found a prototype or some sort of first-run model. The thing shows up at my door. It’s heavy. I pick it up and it has the familiar Bauding ball-like feel as the mechanism moves inside the case. I open it up… Made in China across the paper-thin rotor. Damn. It goes in the drawer with my ePod and a cabbage porch doll.

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