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Submarine Watch


How to avoid a fight w/spouse? Don’t answer his serious questions with the sounds from your submarine watch. Not everyone can interpret Casio Melody tones, I guess. I made that mistake with this watch. It started off innocently…I was simply taking out the watch to make sure it still worked when I was asked a serious question at the same time. What could I do? That would be like owning a Millennium Countdown watch and not wearing it on New Year’s Eve! It didn’t help that the sound this watch makes is ominous and creepy. The lights along the front flash on and off for a good 20 seconds while the sound plays.  The digital time display pops out the front with the push of a button. I bought this from Kmart in the early 90s and the battery only died last year.  It came in several colors including yellow, blue & red. There were at least two other siblings to round out this light & sound family- a robot watch and an airplane watch! All of them have similar eerie sounds and the same digital pop-out display. I’ve got one of each but am convinced there’s more. I’ll keep searching while keeping my soundbytes to myself. Unless a telemarketer calls…

In 1999, Swatch came out with a Yellow Submarine watch.  No light and sound, though. No permission, either, but that’s another story.

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