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Tic Tac Mail Order Premium Watch

Tic Tac Mail Order Premium Watch

This is perhaps the best of the best of mail order promotional watches. Tic tac had a promotion where you needed to collect points from the back of their packages. They showed a picture of the watch on the mail order form, but didn’t show the nice tin it would arrive in. Watches in cool packaging like tins, boxes and plastic shapes hold far more value for the collector. That’s not the only reason why this is the best mail order promo, the watch itself is really pretty cool. The band is a bright, kelly green plastic that’s stuffed and then stitched, just like a leather band. The case and buckle are brushed aluminum, while the face bears reverse embossed numbers and tic tac logo. Lastly, the crown is at the 4 o’clock position, making it more refined than your typical mail order promo. This is one of the watches in my collection that I constantly take out and look at. They only offered it in this color and for a short period of time in the late 90s. I have all the original packaging for this one, and I also picked up another one recently from a collector, so now I have two. Attention to detail is what makes this watch valuable. I opened it up to take a peek at the movement and guess what…even thought it’s quartz, the movement case is all metal instead of the typical black plastic. Now that’s just going above and beyond to impress. 

If you find a mail order promotion, try to get more than one. The promotion will be short-lived and the watch will only increase in value. You can’t buy this watch. I did find you a watch that will store your tic tacs, though. How’s this Freestyle Men’s lockdown hidden compartment watch?

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