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Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary

mini cooperI remember the early days of eBay when they didn’t have much stuff up yet. At the most there were 200 wristwatches total. Perfect for control freaks like myself who could keep track of everything new that was posted each day. That’s when I found this Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary watch. I haven’t seen one since. What this picture doesn’t show are the three LED lights that blink when you push the button! Red, green and amber tail lights and brake lights flicker on and off in sequence. It came in a wooden box which had a hand-written number on the inside, and Mini Cooper Limited Editionstamped onto the leather band. You’re not completely unlucky if you don’t have one of these. Mini has a few other novelty pieces out there worth checking out like the Sport Chrono or the Carbon Fiber Chrono. Definitely the Carbon Fiber Chrono.

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