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Land O’ Lakes Sweet Cream Butter 75th Anniversary Watch

LandoLakes MargarineBack before the days of Google and eBay, I would spend hours thinking of products, going to their website and checking for paraphenelia. This was the only way I knew to find advertising and promotional wristwatches. Once in a while, I would get lucky. This is one of the first watches I found by scouring product manufacturer’s websites. This is the 75th Anniversary of Land O’ Lakes commemorative wristwatch. It was available with a black or brown leather strap directly from the website. I think I paid $50 or more for this, which was a little steep in 1996. They used the original advertising artwork of the Indian maiden on the face of the watch and on the cardboard box. It also came with a booklet describing the brand and the original advertisement. I was impressed by the quality of the watch and the detail in the booklet. This watch stands out from other advertising watches of the same timeframe because it was not a cheap, plastic Swatch knock-off with a logo stamped on the dial. I’m sorry, Tony’s Pizza know it’s true.

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