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Honey Comb Cereal Wristwatch

HoneyComb cereal original redIt’s hard to believe, but the prizes in cereal boxes used to be better. This is one of the good ones from 20 years ago. It might seem like an easy catch- buy the cereal and you’re guaranteed the watch, right? Not so easy in my household. Cereal was either bran flakes, cornflakes or puffed rice. I must’ve been a good whiner because I was able to convince my parents to buy the sugar stuff on this occasion. A classic 80’s children’s watch style was the one piece plastic band and case combo, with a bezel-like plastic ring to hold the face and digital works. The Honeycomb promotional wristwatch came in three colors: red, blue and yellow. I got the blue one in the box and this red one on eBay, years later. Honeycomb did another wristwatch promotion in the 90’s with a slightly more up to date plastic design. I’m thinking they’re due for another one this decade. As cool as I thought the Honeycomb watch was, it didn’t compare to the Golden Grahams promotional watch. I’m telling you it was the precursor to the Casio Film. I had the Golden Grahams watch for a short time before my brother lost it while mowing someone’s lawn. I’m still looking for it in peoples lawns across the state.

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